I use photography as my form of expression, through plastic language I find ways to relate to others.

Eager to find and explore new places in the world, I use my camera to capture and appropriate details that in my very personal way, work to create a new object that reflects inner experiences. I use multiple photographs in the construction of images that appear as the materialisation of a conceptual narrative.

Each photo has a beginning and an end to a story I have imagined that often reflects my state of mind while creating.

Life isn´t running at the same speed with balanced emotions all the time, so although my technique maintains an assemblance, my colours,subjects and stories will make drastic changes from each other.

Each image is a chapter that you will walk in on taken from a book of my life experiences that are different every day, driven from a past history of the world, inspired with streetart and urban parts of cities and their cultures, with a touch of true concern for the future has the perfect combination.

Every Image takes at least 60 hours to make, some leading up to 100 hours. All the photos are taken by me in travels I make always accompanied by my camera. I am half danish and half portuguese and based in Portugal.

I studied in an Irish school, and my “art school” were 16 years working in producing commercial films in the very best production companies way before the digital era. Creativity, sensibility, story telling, image, light, and so much more involved was what made me love photography. Later on, already in the digital time, I took a photography course in Lisbon in a well known school called Ar.co, here I was able to learn how to use a digital camera, although all of post production I learned by myself, through experience and hundreds of tutorials.

Overall, I consider my photographs to be my “paints” in all my artworks.

Hope you enjoy going through my mind and make your own stories out of mine.