My story is your story. Go deep, go to all extremes, whatever you might see or think might meet my original idea. All I will say is that Alka Seltzer is for indigestions, heartburns.. I link this into the course of life itself. I target the minor to medium issue that consume our guts daily, sometimes a step back and a decision to make them less relevant making the best from the worst with less despair standing upon our true values will make a change. This attitude would almost be like taking an Alka Seltzer. Stock the soul.

Artworks will have a sticker behind with the edition number and signed by the artist.

Printed & Produced in Whitewall (Award Winning Lab)
Unique Size : 80 x 94,1 Printed in Whitewall | HD METAL PRINT | Glossy Aluminium Artbox Black
Aluminium rails

Limited Edition


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