Mischief is a word used to describe a misbehave but not intencional to do wrongly, naughty with a twist of naivety.. She is made of diamonds that can bring a lot of ideas, value, glow, precious, brilliant and unique. Her belly button has a maze around, the belly button being our first scar in life has many particularties on its own, and a maze circling tells me the complexity of decisions we have to make everyday with no clear idea if the way in or out is the right path. The ambition to risk an entry and see where it takes you, the challenge to get stuck in the middle but without loss of control, or even just make our intuition our guide. For many people this is “the life”, however, this all brings me to when I was a teenager, thinking I owned the world, thinking I knew it all, a time of growth and mental awareness and many brick walls to break through, or climb, or find a way around. For most people it is a stage in life they will never forget. Our definition starts to make way, and to take place in the future.

All photos in the final image are taken by me.
Artworks will have a sticker behind with the edition number and signed by the artist.


Printed & Produced in Whitewall (Award Winning Lab)
Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass
Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy
Acrylic glass 4 mm glossy
Aluminium rails

Limited Edition


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