Red Planet I

Red Planet I

I called this the Red Planet, of course Mars.

This collection actually took me a few months..

First I started to make buildings, many of them, from windows and doors of photographs I had taken in various cities,  and the walls from the buildings are also made from small details I have put together.

I had no idea at the time why I wanted to do these buildings..

After a few months I had a photograph of an old bottle and then I decided to put buildings inside the bottles and make a city like that.. so I made 27 bottles.. protected by glass somehow took me to the red planet, and from that idea I started my construction.

Of course I had to put one of my female figures sitting on a lid wondering.. thinking.. reflecting..

maybe things many of us should be doing before we all have to move to Mars.. I am just trying to make a serious situation called upon in a funny manner to lighten up the spirit.

The Red Planet I is almost – Houses for sale – take your pick, the other two that follow are just comical view of a situation that would not be comical at all.

All photos in the final image are taken by me.
Artworks will have a sticker behind with the edition number and signed by the artist.


Printed & Produced in Whitewall (Award Winning Lab)
Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass
Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy
Acrylic glass 4 mm glossy
Aluminium rails

Limited Edition


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