Camila Fenster


Earlier in life Camila studied in an Irish School and her “art school” were 16 years working as a Production manager in advertisement films in the very best production companies way before the digital era.

Creativity, sensibility, story telling, image, light, and so much more involved was what made possible what she is dedicated to today.

Later, already in the digital time, she took a photography course in
Lisbon in a well known school called, here she was able to learn how to use a digital camera, although all of post production she is self taught.

Living in Portugal and half Danish, Camila Fenster is an early lover of photography and travel, two passions that she merges with her work. The travels reflect the contact with different cultures and the result is a photographic portfolio rich in details – textures, shapes and objects that she later uses as if they were “paints”.
Her original work is based on the deconstruction of the images as a whole and then on the fusion of small elements that, altogether, tell a story. A real story, something inspired by the photographer’s particular universe, the way she observes the world and human behaviour

Camila Fenster’s artworks were for the first time assembled at a private exhibition in Copenhagen, attended by art dealers, collectors and art lovers in general, with a huge success. From then on many small private events have been held in Apartment Gallery, a place where all the artworks are exhibited in the midst of a “home” feeling.

Her work has been exhibited in many diverse situations, and the reception has been extremely positive.

Camila was invited by the clothing brand “By Malene Birger” to design some details and create a Unique Piece that now hangs in their headquarters.

Camila artworks have been published in magazines in Portugal & Denmark as well as online interviews for online magazines and social media.

Portugal, the country where the artist is based, is the bridge to the rest of the world. Camila’s work has been sold in EUA, to almost all EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, UK, and Brasil.

I often find myself wrapped around in a cocoon . The silence inside helps me give dimension to each and every thought and emotion. This is place where I create my art, it is where my ideas gain perspective and start to evolve. I use my art to form a solid and visual object of a specific chapter that has touched me in a moment. Every work I make becomes a memory, an expression.

My work helps me decode my own complexity, I tend to see things in many angles, I am curious about the whys, the hows, the what if’s and the when’s. The human mind also fascinates me, especially those that are out of an ordinary box. We are able to make puzzles out of nothing or sweep through the entangled just because it’s easier to make it invisible. I need to see an end in order to move forward, I need to express myself in my work so I can feel freedom and gain space for more of life and knowledge.

I have a story linked to each work I make, this does not mean that someone else can relate to my work for a different motive, everyone is welcome to make their own story or explore their feelings towards what they feel and see. My view is just the reason it exists, the magic is in the details. I hope they come through as “peaceful” and lively, thats how I see them. I am not a “colour” person and yet my work is colourful, maybe all the positiveness I have inside me is projected in my work, and I hope that will also be a general feeling.