The world literally froze for two years.
We were obliged to bring our lives into a slow motion effect.
It was an opportunity to look deeply into ourselves, be our own therapists. We were reborn into a new world.
Did we transform the way we see life, our priorities, our goals.
Many questions circled in our minds setting our emotions onto a different level. I believe the answers will be revealed in every step we take going forward.
This building was constructed piece by piece from bits of a building in Italy.
The characters are mannequins that have two sided meanings for me. They are all contemplating their own essence.

Technical information

Original Size: 118 x 100 cm
Produced in Whitewall | Original Photo Print under
Acrylic Glass | Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy
Acrylic glass 4 mm glossy | Aluminium Rails

Informação adicional

Limited Edition

nº 4/10

All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.
Camila Fenster

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