Eslanda is part of a collection I created for the Exhibition “Unfiltered” that challenges the curated emotions of social media aiming for an entertaining confrontation with the obsession for portraying a perfect life. I highlight the younger generation to showcase their potential for positive change. Their diverse stories and dreams paint a vision of unity, emphasising that the hands of the young can shape our shared destiny. These youthful muses embody the promise of a selfless tomorrow, believing in their transformative power to create a more empathetic and understanding world, regardless of race, country, language or religion. You will find a little bear that appears throughout the collection to mark the stage in our lives where we felt safe & comfortable just holding a bear. My characters wear glasses crafted from details in photographs taken across towns and cities. Beyond vision correction, these glasses symbolise a mosaic of clarity and insight. Within the frames are fragments of mystery, representing the deliberate concealment of emotions. Through distorted elements, the glasses signify an intentionally altered perception, a visual metaphor for nuanced perspectives, in essence, they transcend accessories, becoming portals into a world shaped by intricacies – a narrative of vision, identity, and vibrant life.

Technical information

Original Size: 100 x 100 cm
Original Photo Print under
Acrylic Glass | Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy
Acrylic glass 2 mm glossy, Artbox Wood Alder Brown Frame

Informação adicional

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Camila Fenster

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