The girl wears a jacket that is made from bongo heads, her skirt is made from a detail of a copper roof of a palace in Valencia and of a small antelope called Klipspringer. Her shirt is made from the hair of an antelope with stripes and the button is a street lamp that is actually huge in real life. The horns on her head were taken in Denmark.
The background is a stained mirror with a detail of metal from an ancient door and of course we cannot miss the tulips.
This artwork is about the hunting for our own essence, the ability to stand outside ourselves and observe what we see and dive back in and search for hidden emotions that may be trapped with urge for a release, the discovery of the potencial we have inside us that has not surfaced.
Tulips stand for love and passion, in other words, this hunt must result in self love and a passion for life.

Technical information

Original Size: 150 x 100 cm
Produced in Whitewall | Original Photo Print under
Acrylic Glass | UltraHD Photo Print on Fuji Crystal DP Maxima
Slimline Case, Gold | Acrylic glass 2mm glossy | Aluminium Rails

Informação adicional

All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.
Camila Fenster

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