Portraying the high importance placed on material possessions. Queen is part of a collection I created for the Exhibition “Unfiltered” that challenges the curated emotions of social media aiming for a fun and entertaining confrontation with the obsession for portraying happiness and perfection. In the vast world of social media, emotions are like actors on a stage, hiding behind well-designed masks while dancing to an emotional performance. A parade of smiles, scenic views, and seemingly perfect lives, behind those polished images and upbeat captions lies a whole spectrum of unfiltered feelings left unsaid, often dressed in camouflage, blending into the digital landscape. In this era of constant connection, vulnerability wears a digital disguise, and emotions become elusive, adapting to the expectations of the online stage. A question lingers – does a true connectionexist or just an engagement in the illusion of emotional sharing? Emotions remain a mysterious force, both present and hidden, in the vast realm of virtual connections. The bears that navigate through my work symbolise a haven of safety where the uncertainties of the world fade away. In the language of a child’s heart, the teddy bear speaks volumes about the universal need for security and emotional connection, it transforms into an emotional anchor, a tangible source of comfort that whispers reassurance in the quiet moments of solitude. The bears all have boxing gloves that highlight a balance between opposing forces, emphasizing the need for equilibrium, they represent discipline, focus, and empowerment in facing life’s challenges.The bears serve as a reminder that true emotional richness cannot be measured by possessions or staged displays but resides in the authenticity of our shared human experience.

Technical information

Original Size: 100 x 100 cm
Original Photo Print under
Acrylic Glass | Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy
Acrylic glass 2 mm glossy, Artbox Wood Black Frame

Informação adicional

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Camila Fenster

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