Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality


A shift into a different reality is sometimes what we need to escape the present moment, with the push of a button, magic happens.  We can teleport ourselves and be immersed into an imagined fantasy of our choice.

Virtual Reality can come to do a lot of good in the future especially in science, and other areas that will make experiences thrive, we will probably be using VR as much as we use our cell phones. 

An adjustment in the middle of what is reality and what is virtual will be a challenge, embrace change without getting lost between two connecting worlds, although so far apart.

We find she is neither from the past or the future, she moves through time as she pleases, if there was no color she could be religious, if we cover her head she would be very ancient, almost royal, if we cover her clothes she could be somewhere in the future feeling very confidant. 

Her pet is a Golden Pheasant that stand for the time to practice good judgment. 

In the background you can feel a mysterious magical place with opium poppy seed buds around just for fun or are they linked in some way to virtual reality?   



Artworks will have a sticker behind with the edition number and signed by the artist.

Printed & Produced in Whitewall (Award Winning Lab)

Printed in Whitewall | Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass

Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy | Acrylic glass 4 mm glossy

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