Camila Fenster

Solo Exhibition

My upcoming exhibition will challenge the allure of curated emotions on social media.

Titled “UNFILTERED” this collection also aims for a fun and entertaining confrontation with the obsession for portraying happiness and perfection.
Featuring little girls and symbolic bears wearing boxing gloves as guardians of emotions, my work explores the clash between digital illusion and genuine authenticity.

I will be – In The Gallery – to present a visual dialogue on the impact of this culture, prompting reflection on the pursuit of truth in a world saturated with facades, blending introspection with a touch of amusement.

In the vast world of social media, emotions are like actors on a stage, hiding behind well-designed masks while dancing to an emotional performance.

A parade of smiles, scenic views, and seemingly perfect lives, behind those polished images and upbeat captions lies a whole spectrum of unfiltered feelings left unsaid, often dressed in camouflage, blending into the digital landscape.

In this era of constant connection, vulnerability wears a digital disguise, and emotions become elusive, adapting to the expectations of the online stage.

A question lingers – does a true connection exist or just an engagement in the illusion of emotional sharing? Emotions remain a mysterious force, both present and hidden, in the vast realm of virtual connections.

The Girls

I highlight the younger generation to showcase their potential for positive change. Their diverse stories and dreams paint a vision of unity, emphasising that the hands of the young can shape our shared destiny. These youthful muses embody the promise of a selfless tomorrow, believing in their transformative power to create a more empathetic and understanding world, regardless of race, country, language or religion.

The Bears

The bears that navigate through my work symbolise a haven of safety where the uncertainties of the world fade away. In the language of a child’s heart, the teddy bear speaks volumes about the universal need for security and emotional connection, it transforms into an emotional anchor, a tangible source of comfort that whispers reassurance in the quiet moments of solitude. The bears all have boxing gloves that highlight a balance between opposing forces, emphasizing the need for equilibrium, they represent discipline, focus, and empowerment in facing life’s challenges.
Hopefully my work will invite viewers to see beyond the digital gloss, urging a recognition of the nuanced stories obscured by social media’s curated perfection. The bears serve as a reminder that true emotional richness cannot be measured by possessions or staged displays but resides in the authenticity of our shared human experience.

The Glasses

My characters wear glasses crafted from details in photographs taken across towns and cities. Beyond vision correction, these glasses symbolise a mosaic of clarity and insight. Within the frames are fragments of mystery, representing the deliberate concealment of emotions. Through distorted elements, the glasses signify an intentionally altered perception, a visual metaphor for nuanced perspectives, in essence, they transcend accessories, becoming portals into a world shaped by intricacies—a narrative of vision, identity, and vibrant life.


During my visit to a René Magritte exhibition in Brussels, I gained insight into the artist’s intriguing mind. The alignment of my project’s initial concept with its execution fueled new inspiration, resulting in two pieces unmistakably influenced by Magritte.

Magritte’s art plays with the visible and the hidden, urging viewers to reconsider their assumptions about the world. His paintings serve as a visual philosophy, encouraging introspection and prompting a deeper contemplation beyond surface appearances.